Interactive Dog Training Ring

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Interactive Dog Training Disk 

Premium and Elastic EVA Material: large canine ring toy is delicate and stretchy, can be utilized to prepare canine's response toss, get, get, pull, back-and-forth and so on, innocuous for teeth and gums. 

Fun Bright Color: The green/yellow shading huge canine ring toy be effortlessly found in the water or on the land. Your pet will have a parcel of fun through intelligent playing. 

This huge canine ring toys floats, it isn't just extraordinary on the land, yet additionally can be played in the pool, stream or lake. 

Compact and Perfect for Use: The lightweight and round plan is comfort for grasping. You won't feel tired, even after a long play session.

  • Product color: orange, red, green
  • Product weight: about 60g small
  • Product size: small diameter about 18cm